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I AM a being of Love. If you want to advance with your Yoga practice, find me. What is Yoga? I focus on what is life-changing. Using breath, awareness, and mindfulness within the physical practice I have learned how to alleviate mental and emotional suffering. When one let's go of judgements and fear, what remains is unconditional love for all.

Michael Miracles

Michael Miracles

By bringing attention to what Yoga really is and how it works for us, Michael helps his students to transcend the physical practice and make positive shifts in their lives. Practicing for twelve years and teaching since 2011, he completed his first 200-hour training with Yoga to the People in NYC, his 500-hour training with Philip Urso and Live, Love, Teach, with whom he has also trained as a facilitator, and has also trained with Jared McCann.

Since, his expansive studies have led him to Lebanon, Hawaii, and New York while continuously teaching group and private classes in his hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. He seizes every opportunity to share the beauty that Yoga has helped him to experience.

Michael’s practice and teaching ability are versatile but always centered on breath and mindfulness. He teaches several different styles of Vinyasa, Hatha (Bikram method), Restorative Yoga and meditation. His signature style, Unity Vinyasa syncs the entire class in a state of flow, with a moving meditation linked to pranayama. Michael also infuses his class with practical spirituality which students use to bring the peace and focus of Yoga into other areas of their lives. Being a part of this class is an unforgettable experience.

Michael is now leading his own vinyasa yoga teacher training. His training program helps his students transform into teachers to help spread this highly effective method and philosophical framework to more and more people.

When not on the mat, Michael writes about Yoga. Three volumes of collected writings of Yoga and spiritual insight, Month of Miracles, is available for download. He’s also a musician and a singer. As a performer, he has opened up for national acts such as The Flaming Lips, Wiz Khalif, and Andrew WK. Look for his new band, Michael Miracles and Love Evolution playing fun shows around Pittsburgh.

Michael’s classes are powerful, highly effective and most importantly, fun. Michael’s philosophy is that of Namaste, Unconditional Love for All. You can really feel this in one of his classes; he sees and helps to bring out the best in you.

"Students learn to look at themselves and one another from a more compassionate and accepting perspective."

— Kristy

"I enjoy having yoga at work because it’s nice to get up and stretch after being stuck at your desk for so long. It helps me stay focused."

— Shannen

"I first approached yoga with Michael and it was really easy to get into. He's open and friendly. Time flies during his classes."

— Franco

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